A Treasure Hunter. A Fashionista. A Modern Day Business Women.

“Hey! I’m Jen!”

Growing up in Calgary, I have fond memories of years spent in local thrift shops with a few close friends sifting through treasures and trying on mountains of clothes (in the furniture section of Value Village). It was an era of self expression and experimenting with fashions and styles.”

Although my career path took me on a different adventure, after a degree in Political Science and the selling a local restaurant/lounge I co-owned, an inner desire brought me back to opening my dream business. I am eternally grateful for those previous experiences as my future law career got trumped by a passion for business!

Thrifty Princess started over 10 years ago in the cozy neighbourhood of Brentwood, Calgary, in response to combining my love for fashion, sustainability as well as supporting the local community. The years spent in that location were met with building amazing relationships, experimenting with events and fashion shows and was the starting consignment for a cause; my way of integrating my business with community projects and fundraising. Thrifty Princess was becoming an expression of my inner self.

In 2016, a move to 810 Edmonton Trail NE in 2016 created a fresh and exciting new look to the boutique, all the while adhering to the vision the boutique has instilled for many years: your inner self reflects your outer beauty, treat yourself and the planet like royalty.

“Being classy, fashionable and in style does not need to be expensive nor hard on the environment.”

So.... come shopping! Thrifty Princess Consignment Boutique specializes in selling new and pre-owned designer, vintage and contemporary clothing and accessories. Our style comes at an accessible price point, so everyone has the chance to feel glamorous. We have beautiful new pieces coming into the boutique every day, so with each visit, our clients have the chance to embark on a new treasure hunt. Each item is hand-picked for its mint condition, quality, and style.

Now go adjust your crown and get your day started!