10,000 Pounds of Clothing in a Car Garage.

How does a person end up with 10,000 pounds of clothes in a single car garage? Well let me tell you because - it happened to me.  


I always wondered what happened to all of the items that people dropped off in the donation bins placed conveniently around the city. What was in those bins? Were there treasures perhaps?

My inner modern day pirate was itching to find out. So, I set out on an adventure and I purchased 10,000 pounds of clothes from a charitable clothing recycler. A few thousand dollars later, a moving truck pulled up to a garage, I had bribed my way into, and literally all jaws dropped open as the realization of what that amount of clothing stuffed in garbage bags actually looked like. Hours later and much to my relief, we managed to shut the garage door. As it clicked,  I thought “Oh my god. What have I done?” 

There was no hiding that elephant! So I called on friends, family and whomever was willing to help me sort through this monstrous amount of clothing which inevitably took a month to sort through and organize. Opening bag after bag, treating it as a treasure hunt. It was exciting as you never knew what was going to be inside - it was like Christmas, or …dumpsters diving.

The sorting was the biggest hurdle and we made the best of it. Turning the car garage pad into a month long sorting station. I wish I had video of the neighbors driving by; wrenching their necks wondering “what on earth is going on?!”  but, we kept on day after day (Well more like evening after evening because the store was open full time)

The treasures we found consisted of men's, ladies and children's clothing, miscellaneous items such as toys and school books. There were unspeakable things and of course, garbage. I would love to report that there was a real prize found such as money or jewelry or a Louis Vuitton bag- but to no avail.

So Here Are The Findings:

 Out of 10,000 pounds of clothes, with condition playing the largest factor.

 -15% was USABLE.

When I say that I mean, in decent to good condition and able to be worn or sold again.

-85%  was UNUSABLE.

The majority of these items were from fast-fashion brands, like the biggest culprit, Joe Fresh. These fashions are made for one season only and not to last.

-Ladies clothing was the winner in terms of quality and quantity.

-Footwear was very sparse and handbags even less.

-Men’s designer clothing was more prominent than ladies designer clothing!

 (lots of fashionable men out there!)

-Children’s clothing and footwear came in last due to its condition and quality. (Makes sense perhaps.)


Overall, this was an eye-opening experience! And would I do it again? ....Absolutely!

Jennifer Jensen