It’s not a Pipe Dream.


Where’d you get those racks?

On a regular basis I get asked “What’s the story behind the pipe fixtures in the store?” Here’s the low down:

The Vision: The inspiration from the pipe racks was all the works of my dad, Roger Jensen. Entrepreneur and designer. (I think that’s where I get it from). From running a business in plumbing and heating to home building and renovations, my dad will take on any building-related project, or in my case decor project. So, as much as I would like, I cannot take FULL credit for the pipe racks. He designed and assembled all of the shelving on both levels of the store - as well as the recent jewelry Christmas tree you might have seen over the holidays!

Meticulously Beautiful: In a few short months the store has been transformed from drab to fab! We started on the main level and worked our way into the fitting rooms! Thrifty Princess finished look was one with edge! She’s pretty, has a bit of a quirky personality and knows how to have a great time!

The Fam Jam: If anyone were to ask my dad to come up with a design, or how long it would take - he would probably just look at you under his glasses and say, “Just give me a few minutes.” No problem too big or too small, my dad’s ingenious creativity never ceases to amaze me! I am soo very grateful for the opportunity to work on a project together! That being said, I cannot forget to mention the rest of the crew! This adventure became quite the family affair! Thank You team Jensen ( and significant others ) we did it again!

Until the next renovation adventure!

-Or as my sister’s boyfriend likes to mention, “Until there is something else really heavy to move”.


Jennifer Jensen